Try Poker at your Venue

If you are interested in your venue hosting our poker league on a weekly basis please drop us a direct message through Facebook and we’ll set up a meeting for an informal chat to discuss what is expected from you and you expect from us.

We have been running the Multi Table Tournament Poker (MTTP) League for a number years and through that time we have gained great experience and feedback from players and venues and have come up with this to help boost numbers. This is not a mandatory list of things you must do on your poker night but instead a guideline to help ensure the running of a great night so that players return and new players join.

Where to Set Up
We would strongly recommend that you allow a reserved area in your venue, on your poker night, in a highly visible area. The game will get maximum exposure to all your customers that come through the doors and would maximise player growth.

We provide all venues with promotional posters, these should be put up around your venue. We can arrange to have an outdoor banner for your venue at a one of cost of £59+VAT. Another great way of advertising is word of mouth, have you and your staff talk to your customers about poker and your poker nights, you will be surprised how many people play the game! It will be most successful if you can get your regulars interesting in poker and the league.

Player Incentives
The incentives on this are endless and depend on what your venue offers (food etc). Something along the lines of – bring a friend, register with the league and you get a free drink or half price meal.

Additional Prizes for Your Weekly/ Seasonal Winners!
If you offer food then this could be a meal voucher as an additional prize for winning that night or being the venue champion at the end of the season. This would mean players would visit your venue on another night of the week and more than likely bring someone along to eat with them.

Half Time Refreshments
The game always has a break period where players can go for a smoke, toilet break, update their mum on how they are getting on! Usually after 2 hours. Whatever it may be, at this stage offering the players some free refreshments always goes down a treat. If you do not supply food in your venue then ordering something in always goes down well with the players. If you have any other great tips on how to run your night then please let us know and we can get this added to the list!

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