Want to be a Tournament Director? (TD)

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What is involved?
A TD must commit to running a venue every week, it will become their venue. We realise this isn’t always possible but we have a strong pool of around 12 TDs so someone will always be available to substitute in an emergency. We never want to cancel an event because we can not get a TD.

The TD must be familiar with the rules (available on the website) to make rulings. We recommend reading through them a few times, it is common sense. The TD has the final word. This can be a discussion, there are usually a lot of experienced players and our TDs present.

The TD must post a picture of the results sheet and of any new player sign up sheets on the night (WhatsApp). The sheet must be filled in correctly with date and venue name clearly visible. All names must be readable and have their MTTP ID.

The TD must say who took charge of the game that night if it was someone else stepping in for them.

The results are recorded on the website with in 24 hours by Michael, David or Claudia.

All £s taken from the games the TD ran must be paid in full within 24 hours.

Each player will pay £3.00 for running the league. £5.00 for the prize fund, paid out when the games finished (£5.00 is optional but the player will not win any cash without paying).

TDs must post a game winning picture (WhatsApp) on the night or at very least a picture of the tables on the night.

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