Play Poker with us

The Multi Table Tournament Poker League (MTTPoker) has been running on the west coast of Scotland (Paisley and surrounding areas) since the turn of the century.

COVID struck and the league was suspended, Michael and David had an opportunity to buy the league and relaunch it with more venues and new young players to compliment the established players. They have a vision of an inclusive league, welcoming new players of all ages, genders and abilities making poker friendly and fun for all!

Play for £8.00 per evening
We have made it easier than ever to play poker. Just turn up at a venue and introduce yourself to the Tournament Director (TD), register and start playing. You will be given a league number. It will only cost you £8.00 for the whole evening and you will have a chance of winning up to £50.00. Chat to the players if you’re not sure about certain rules, rules differ from league to league.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to poker or an experienced player, come and join in the fun. All the players will make you feel welcome, we have players from all backgrounds, genders, ages, and nationalities. If you have any questions or suggestions discuss them with the Tournament Director.

The league works on a points system, all points are recorded on the website, follow your progress daily. The league runs over three months with the top 48 players making it to the Regional Finals held the following month. Trophies are awarded to the Venue winners, Overall winner and the Regional winner.

The Players
Players come from Paisley and surrounding areas; some players play one venue others play all eight. Our youngest players are teenagers and the oldest well into their eighties, they are all characters and interesting personalities. You will get to know everyone on a first name basis and make lifelong friends.

The Venues
We work with the local pubs and clubs. In each venue, once a week, the regular Tournament Director will set up tables and supply all the equipment for the poker game, the TD will collect your money. Players are expected to buy at least a couple of drinks to support the venues, some venues supply food midway through the game. If you manage a venue and would like to host a weekly event, please get in touch.

Enquiry Form
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